About Us

Westminster Insight - Putting you at the heart of policy

Traditionally, information gathering and subsequent policy making has been constructed by ‘outsiders’ to any community. At Westminster Insight we believe people are the experts in their own lives/fields and therefore policy and decision making should place those stakeholders at the centre, responding to policy challenges that affect them. Our approach ensures all relevant views have been fully communicated, understood and debated, to ultimately deliver benefits to all parties involved.

Westminster Insight events are timely and relevant to the government agenda and challenges of today and tomorrow. Our highly skilled team has vast experience in delivering thought provoking content, convening some of the latest thinking from leading voices of the day keeping you up to date and at the forefront of the agenda.

At Westminster Insight we are open and transparent with no political affiliations. We ensure that all participants including speakers and delegates are able to contribute to the debate, providing a fully inclusive rounded discussion.

Westminster Insight is a division of the Knowledge Exchange Group Ltd whose mission it is to inform, educate, and share the latest thinking and best practice to help you, your staff and organisation learn, grow and achieve.

Westminster Insight